I learned about RingCentral while cruising and assisting to a web tech conference last summer called CoderCruise. This was the first time ever for me on a Cruise, so I decided to invite my wife and we also took our newborn with us. We had an amazing time cruising to The Bahamas, the cruise director named NoNo kept us engaged all the time when she announced cruise activities, and that was so funny.

If you want to learn more about Ring Central’s Game Changers please visit:

RingCentral game changers is an awesome way to engage future users, developers, and customers to learn more about RingCentral products, experiment with their API and grow skills while completing fun activities, such as uploading a video, or sharing a meme and also learning activities like reading or even writing a blog post, watching videos, use their API, participate with the Developers community, ask questions, and the best of all is that you have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

I learned new things in the different sessions during codercruise, one of my favorite ones where one from Paco Vu a Sr. Developer Evangelist from RingCentral , he talked about Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data with Applied Machine Learning, it was very interesting and kept me intrigued wanting to learn more about their company and API. Another one I enjoyed was the talk about Artificial Intelligence with Norah Klintberg, she gave a lecture and guide to our own AI application in three steps. She even made a nice demo that showed her work. Joel’s Lord talk about history of cryptography named “From Caesar Cipher to Quantum Cryptography”, took in a history journey on how humans of all times have used ciphers. And finally a talk about gaming, I consider myself an avid gamer, so the talk called “A Modern Architectural Review of text-based adventure games” given by Kevin Griffin was incredibly , we had a discussion on how we can use modern approaches to solve some complex problems that would not have scaled on early computers.

This was different from any conference I have experienced I can say it is unique and exciting to have a conference in a cruise and I can’t wait for 2020.

Mateo and I cruising The Bahamas during CoderCruise 2019

My advice to anyone attending next year for the first time is to be ready to have a great time.You can check them out here:

I highly recommend the CoderCruise conference If you want a new awesome experience while learning on different topics and spend a good and fun time and make some new friends.

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